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     We have a variety of services that enables our patients and residents to receive the medical, restorative and supportive care needed. We serve many types of patient and resident needs from short-term rehabilitation to traditional long-term care. Our resident and family councils meet regularly to ensure that our residents’ needs are being met to their satisfaction.

    Meet Our Team


    “This is our second trip to Elkhorn Healthcare and Rehabilitation. We first started off with Jean being here in 2014. She came in for a few weeks due to pain in her back and with physical therapy, she was able to walk again and return home. jean enjoyed her stay and the staff treated her well. We both were pleased the way the facility reimbursed the pair of shoes that were damaged in the laundry. Not too many places will do that. It made us feel good and satisfied. Now it’s my turn. I landed up at the VA in Fresno and then transferred to Sacramento VA, due to bed available. It became heavy on us, with my wife in Clancy and me in Sacramento. We weren’t sure on where I was going to go because I need a little bit of help to get better. Jean called Steve to see if there was a bed available and he replied with a yes. Between the two facilities they worked it out and I was in Elkhorn that evening. We are very pleased the way the situation worked out. So far I have enjoyed the food and how well it is proportioned. The staff has been kind to both my wife and I. Over all I have been satisfied with the care I have received. I would recommend The Elkhorn Healthcare and Rehabilitation to others. It’s a great place to get better.


    Todd B.”

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